By Eleni Malliari A2


It is a fact that e-learning has been growing in recent years. No one can deny that it benefits our lives while it offers us an easy and practical way to learn things from home.

To start with, from the educational point of view, this type of learning not only gives the students the opportunity to choose between a wide variety of subjects, but also promotes their autonomy. In other words, it provides them with the freedom to create their own schedule. As far as geography is concerned, it can be argued that e-learning is much more favourable since the Internet can be used almost everywhere, whereas classrooms are only in universities.

On the other hand, from a social aspect, students have no communication with their fellow-students, so they do not learn how to cooperate. Therefore, spending too many ours in front of a computer means that you are locked up at home, have no time for exercise and may cause damage to your eyes.

Taking everything into account, it seems to me that e-learning provides us with equal opportunities all over the world. Thus, choosing this method of learning would not be a waste of time, but rather an attempt to increase your knowledge.