The handwriting of pupils reveals their personal characteristics

By Marilena Bdokaki and Sophia Koutra (A Class)

  • The honest = big circular similar letters in a straight line.
  • The proud = circular letters and the pupil who writes is very careful with the punctuation.
  • The one who saves money = careful similar letters with slight gation of the lines and without bolding the capitals.
  • The generous = clean letters singling the capitals from the others.
  • The melancholic = at first the punctuation is slight but while he writes they are being lost. The letters have a slight gation.



  • The proud= big letters, bold capitals, the final letter of every word seems to be bolder than the rest of them.
  • The artist= big calligraphic letters and their size tends to become smaller while the writing goes on.
  • The altruist= with severe gation and pressure. The letters are circular and the capitals almost calligraphic.
  • The discreet= small letters, with slight pressure and the lines tend to go up. The letters also tend to have lots of glomerulars and curves, but the final letter of each word is probably demure and limited.
  • The arrogant= they emphasize on the capital letters and usually their signature is big and complex, ending in unnecessary “decorations” with curves.