By Konstantine Goudas (A Class)


 It’s been at least a week since the jihadists attacked the French caricature office “Charlie Hebdo” and this event is still the first one in the media. And that’s justified. The murder of a comedian, just because one of his “victims” is the murderer, is not just a killing. It’s an evil attack against the freedom of expression, against democracy.

On January 7 2015, two armed men broke into the office. After that, “there was a gunfight between the two murderers and the police” according to the investigation of the crime. Twelve people, comedians and policemen, were killed and eleven were injured. One of the victims was Charb, the director of “Charlie Hebdo”.

Two days after the attack, the two murderers, called Serif and Said Quasi, were executed by the police, who found a man they had kidnapped. The hostage was alive and his health was fine.

On Sunday, January 11 2015, there was a demonstration in Paris. In this demonstration, there were also people from governments of the whole planet.

The funeral of the victims was also the one of “Charlie”. Hours after the carnage, cartoonists all over the world created satirical cartoons based on this event. For example:


 However, the “war” has just begun. So, all the Europeans, Christians or not, have to support democracy, even if it’s against our own god, in the case of the Muslims of course. Besides, every religion is good, in case it’s harmless. So, let’s not be fanatics in our religion.

Neither must we go to the other side, the racist one. “Charlie” was also satirizing the Catholics, the heretics and the Extreme Rights, who had already murdered an artist who was against them (Fyssas case, 2013). However, it was the jihadists who attacked the cartoonists. This is going to give the chance to persons who support racism against the Muslims to gain power. We must never go to this side.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, everything is going to turn out well. If we hope, everything happens.