By Dennis Skouras and Maria Tsalamida (A class)


What a fine art is that of music… It penetrates and runs through the body, speaks to the soul and leads our feet, hands and head shaking accordingly to the rhythm. Everyone on this planet has a sense of rhythm. For example, how many times have you found yourself tapping your feet, humming or whistling one melodic pattern? All these occurrences are the immediate bearing of having an innate instinct to follow along a repeated sequence of notes, chords or melodic phrases by any possible means such as our voice or our body.

It is an undisputed fact that music is the lingua franca of any society since the beginning of humanity. There is a vast number of reasons why this happens in that music is a blessing in disguise. Little do we know of how much music can offer to the souls of ours.

First of all, it is the sheer entertainment. Almost every gathering you have been to, is accompanied by its musical score. Whether it is a party, a wedding, a depressing situation, or even a friendly meeting the guests are subjected to the emotions conveyed by the suitable music.

Secondly, it uplifts our mood. Listening to music can make our brain release serotonin – a feel-good chemical substance– that alleviates our mood instantly.

Furthermore, music can relieve us from depression and anxiety or even lower our blood pressure. Besides that, music can help us improve our productivity. The fact that our stress is diminishing, is prompting us to think more clearly.