By Andrikopoulos Thanos (B class)


             Auschwitz was the largest and most important Nazi camp, where hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the programme of the Nazis. It was a complex of concentration camps, forced labor and mass extermination of people. Since 1979 it belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage.

Overall more than 1.3 million people were deported to Auschwitz, and at least 1.1 million were killed. The most common implementation methods was poisoning with Cyclone B gas in special chambers (gas chambers).

As the largest extermination camp of the Third Reich, Auschwitz has become a symbol for the mass killings. In the gate of the camp remains suspended the inscription «ARBEIT MACHT FREI», namely «Working is freedom «.


Prisoners worked there in the industries. Their work was for the SS a good opportunity to profit at the expense of the prisoners. Also soldiers from the SS, but also employees of German companies, abused workers, many of whom eventually died exhausted.

Finally one of the survivors of this terrible camp, Mr. Isaac Mizan indicates the number that is in his hand (it was the number recorded in the hand of the prisoners to stand them) and says «This is a title of honor for me.»