Celebrities before and after

  By Gabriella Haralambidi & Dido Hamakioti (A Class)


  1.   Angelina Jolie

I think it’s immediately clear that she was born blessed with extreme beauty. Those eyes, those lips (and the charisma that comes out of the photo) were always there. However, I think, as with most celebs, there have been some changes to her nose. But she’s left the natural creases around her eyes, and she hasn’t put anything in her cheeks, so the result is very, very natural.



  1.  Brad Pitt

Firstly, he has undergone a nose job. You can easily see this when comparing his youth photos to much later photos. You could see that his old nose has rather weird shape and it is too big on the bottom while the bridge is too small. But on his new photos you could see that this shape has changed, now he has a better-shaped nose with smaller bottom part and proportional nose bridge. Also he has done a general face improvement. On his youth photos, you can see that he has rather large face shape especially on his jaw area. But then, when we move on to the newer picture, we could see that his old jaw has disappeared and now he has smoother face shape. Another thing that is different is his ear shape that used to stand out much, but when you see the ears now they are perfectly hiding. Finally, he might have done facelift surgery; this is done so that his loose skin could be pulled to be smooth again and has got some Botox so as to be able to improve his skin, so there is no wrinkle there.


3. George Clooney


George Timothy Clooney is known well as George Clooney. He is an American actor. Surprisingly, even though he is 53 years old today, his appearance doesn’t look that old. George looks younger. Many people are impressed with his current look. When he was asked about what happened to him, he finally admitted that he had gone under the knife and he got his eyes done through plastic surgery.