What Studies Should I Choose?

By George Livieratos, Pantelis Kondis &

Androutsopulos-Agiotatos Vasilis-George (A Class)


Deciding what to study is sometimes important and should not be hurried, as it can impact future success and career.  For a few people, choosing a course is simple: they have always wanted to be a surgeon or had always passion for geography and art. Others, however, are facing a lot of trouble deciding what exactly they want to do in their life.

A quick major decision may only lead to frustration and loss of time. People who choose the wrong course end up being unhappy and having a lot of issues studying. In order to make a major decision, time and information are needed. Young people have to consider all options and ask for advice or suggestions.

Identifying personal skills and strengths and choosing a course that reflects the person’s abilities is essential. Teachers and tutors can also help their students recognize their strengths and weaknesses. This process will help them decide which course fits them. If they find the right course at the right university they will be inspired to succeed.


Students of this generation are lucky that they have access to high-speed Internet and have information readily available at their finger-tips. The use of interactive tools will help them find a course based on their specific interests and requirements. People who have completed university courses can give an insight from a student’s perspective and inform younger people about the pros and cons.

Career opportunities are also vital. Students must take a look at the career prospects of the course before selecting one. They have to consider various factors, such as income, job, security, stress, responsibility and other benefits.