Schools That Lead to Success

By Eva Silaidi, Anatoli Betsou & Elina Plali-Sorra (A Class)


Did you know that what is learned in school can directly affect students’ future career success? Nowadays schools not only educate children but they also develop their character as well as their interpersonal skills. The question is how and when schools and teachers manage to do that.

From a young age children at school are taught how to increase their team spirit by performing several tasks such as keeping their classrooms clean, or even getting involved in projects. This can be extremely helpful, especially later on with their professional lives, when they will have to cooperate and interact with their colleagues at work.

Schools in some countries choose to offer students the chance to try out different college or university courses by providing them with a “gap year” between the 11th and 12th grade.  By doing this, students will have the opportunity to realize what they want their future occupation to be like, to find out more about their personal interests and of course gain some independence. This way they will be well equipped for a bright academic future, but also set high career prospects.

To conclude, schools should prepare their students for their later work life in order to assist them to succeed in the career they have chosen. Pupils should be taught the basics of social skills and how to rely and trust themselves. Hopefully this will affect positively their imminent business success.