The most meaningful fairytale ever!


Once upon a time, there was a mother with her son living in a small house in the woods. Mother had brought up her son alone and they had a very strong bond. When her son had come of age, he decided to leave his,home, in order to find his true love.

After one year, he came across an extremely gorgeous young woman.  However, according to an old quote “Appearances are deceptive”. Immediately he fell in love with her and proposed to her. Then, the strange woman smiled to him and said:“I don’t think that you truly love me!” The man kneeled down and said:- What should I do to prove how much I love you?-You should go back to your house, take your mother’s heart and give it back to me! Suddenly, he felt that something magical was in the atmosphere, something that made him forget his early years with his mother.

Therefore, he did as he was told. He killed his beloved mother and he went straight back to the evil witch. Nonetheless, as he was walking with his mother’s heart into his hands he stumbled and the heart fell on the ground. All of the sudden, the heart whispered to him:“Are you hurt?”

                                                              Καπετανοπούλου Αναστασία, Γ2΄