«A broken window» – short story competition


Oι μαθητές του Α3 και Α4 έγραψαν μια δική τους ιστορία στο μάθημα των αγγλικών, με θέμα ¨Α BROKEN WINDOW¨.

1. Many years ago, two little boys John and Sam,lived in a small village.Sam was a nice boy but John was bad and bullied his classmates.One day,while they were all playing football in the school yard,Sam fell down.Before that,John started laughing and said to Sam :»When will you learn to play football ? You are out of my team «. Sam said nothing and left.

On Sam’s eighth birthday , his parents bought him nice pen as a present.When John saw it at school the following day, he decided to steal it.After everyone had left the class,John threw outside the class.This pen broke a window in an old house opposite school. When Sam came back and could not find his pen, he informed his teacher about it.The teacher looked for it in every student” s bag until teacher asked John.John started crying.Sam left sorry for him and asked his teacher not to punish him. John said to Sam where the pen was.When John and Sam went to this old house the pen wasn’t there .Then , they went home and they saw the pen ! From that day on ,John understood how good Sam was,became friends with him and tried hard to be as good as Sam.

Αγορίτσα-Μαρία Λαλιώτη Α3

 2.It was a cold winter night . I was in my house , my parents were sleeping in their bedroom and I was playing on my computer . Suddenly I heard the living room’s window breaking . I was  scared , but it sound weird too . I got  to the living room quietly , beacause I thought it was a thief . I was hiding behind the sofa and I was looking at the window too . I saw something strange . »HELP» I started shouting . It was a ghost , which was looking at me in a weird way , so I started shouting more loudly . I felt down , but I arrived in my bedroom as quickly as I could . I lyed on my bed , I put the blanket on me and I closed my eyes . I woke up scared the other morning . I saw my computer open and when I got down I saw the window broken . I was thinking . Maybe it wasn’t just  a nightmare ……..
Simona Holban ,A4