Technology at school


Technology is just a simple word but behind it an entire world is helped and people’s life has been made so easy!Every day,people use smart phones,tablets,laptops and some other gadgets so that they get the news,knowledge and entertainment in such an easy way!

Most students and their teachers use different applications for their lessons.It is so useful for a group of students to learn new things with the help of the above mentioned gadgets that no one can deny that  the present and the future of learning the school subjects seem to get on brighter and brighter these days.

We do not look for information into encyclopedias any more.We just turn on the laptop and the info is in front of us!We do not bring our books.We learn and write our notes at the same time in our tablets.Not only a simple line but also pictures the past and the present of what we look for.There are so many details that we get confused of what to choose.Everything moves on and it is so fast!We communicate with other students from far away countries and they have become our global friends with the help of technology.

We have been warned of the dangers which are behind the bright screens.Not only while we are in the classroom but also when we are alone ,with the challenge of the unknown.WE SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL!

We can have fun ,we can get knowledge,we can learn many things fast and easily but we should be aware of the dangers.

This is technology!Our second mind is named so.Our future will be far more different.We should protect ourselves so as this “tool” can be the right one for us.It depends on our use!