Animals in danger of extinction (Ζώα υπό εξαφάνιση)

golden lion

Countless species of animals nowadays are facing the danger of  extinction.

I believe that human behaviour is to blame for this situation.To begin with, thousands of species are suffering because humans are destroying the environment .We cut down trees  ,burn forests and build large cities , destroying huge areas of forest and countryside which are animals natural habitats. For example ,many animals ,like the Mandarin Duck or the Golden Lion Tamarin are in great danger ofdisappearing, as their numbers have been reduced due to habitat losss.What is more, a large number of different animals disappear every year because of our hunting habits. Due to the fact that they are valuable, rare species like the blue whale or the Siberian Tiger are illegally hunted .As a result, their numbers have declined and theyare in great danger of  becoming extinct All in all, it is clear that humans are to blame for the extinction of all helpless, endangered animals. It is our responsibility to take urgent measures to protect them and contribute to saving our planet rather than destroying it.

Mίρκα Μπλάνου, Γ3