Life then and now

When my grandparents were my age, the world was a very different place. Many things we take for granted today had not even been invented back then. I believe, therefore, that life is easier for us today than it was for them.
Take home life, for example. In the homes my grandparents grew up in, there were no appliances like dishwashers or microwave ovens and many hours were spent on housework .Today, thanks to all these and other inventions, we have far more leisure time. Not only housework but also travel took much longer and were less convenient. Trains were slower fewer people had cars
and airfares were much more expensive.Another aspect of life which is easier and better today is health care. Nowadays, people live longer because hospitals have better equipment and more diseases can be cured.
To sum up, as I see it, life is much easier today, especially where home life;travel and health care are concerned. Developments in technology, transport and medicine over the last half century have had a positive effect on this important aspect of our lives.
Mίρκα Μπλάνου ,Γ3