An interview from a famous person


An interview from Rafael Nadal, by Raptis Marinos (C Class)

-First of all, I would like to know how many championships  you have already achieved.

-Well, I have won 14 Grand Slams, 2 Wimbledons and one Australian Open.

-How many years have you been playing tennis?

-I started this exciting sport at the age of 3. My uncle played tennis, too and he recognized my talent.

-When did you win a championship for the first time?

-At the age of 12. I was very happy and I saw my dreams come true.

-I know that you celebrate your wins with a strange way.

-I bite my trophies. I have been doing that since I made my first steps in tennis.

-Are you happy in your personal life?

-Yes, I have an interesting relationship with a unique woman, whose name is Maria Perello.

-Are you going to marry soon?

-The wedding is not of the essence at this moment.Now I have to train for the next tournament in Australia.

-So Rafael, thank you for your time and good luck with your career!