I speak for those who have no voice

I strongly disagree that animals should be used for scientific or commercial testing. Animal testing is cruel and inhumane and extremely painful for animals. Animals that are used in experiments are commonly subjected to food and water deprivation, the infliction of burns and other wounds for the scientists to study the healing process.  But animals have rights too and we can not violate them. Animals are used to develop medical treatments, determine the toxicity of medications and check the safety of products destined for human use but this harms their own health and a lot of research shows that animals suffer for no reason and their lives are wasted.

For various reasons society and scientists are unhappy with animal testing. But the new science and technology are making alternatives to animal testing. What are these alternatives? Scientists call them “the tree R’s”. The first one is about recreating the conditions inside a living being with technology or computer models instead of animal testing. The second one is reduction. That’s means that they use similar information from fewer animals or more from the same. The third one is refinement. This is about relieving the pain of test animals.

As a result, we must stop using animals for scientific or commercial testing, because this is extremely painful for animals and inhumane from us. How many more animal lives have to be lost to adopt the alternative methods?

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