The truth about animal testing

Have you ever wondered what the story behind a medicine or a cosmetic which you are used to buy is? In fact, have you ever considered how many animals contribute to the production of these items and most of the times are sacrificed only to meet your every day needs? To be precise, over one hundred million animals are used for experiments annually and over twenty four million are killed as a consequence of those experiments. In my point of view, animal testing should be banned worldwide, as despite the fact that it seems to be the ideal way to discover and bring evolution to the medicine field, there are still plenty of disadvantages which obviously overweight the benefits.

Firstly, using animals in experiments is an extremely cruel action for all animals as they live in labs under horrible conditions which lead them to an unfair death. Particularly, animals which are taking part in these researches are seen as soulless objects. As a result, they are constantly suffering from pain, hunger and simultaneously living in an artificial habitat which rather differs from the natural one.

Secondly, animal’s body differs to a great extent from the human’s as it is not certain that both animals and humans have the same reaction to a medicine. Thus, the researchers often reach poor and inaccurate results. In addition, there is no need to use animals in order to carry out experiments due to the medical breakthroughs which brought new alternatives to the medical field.

To sum up, animal testing is a totally inhumane action. To my mind, I firmly believe that all the countries should take measures and protect animal’s lives because we must not forget that animals are living creatures which have also rights as people do.

Kaltsi Stavroula


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