Genshin Impact

This is an article for the video game called ‘’Genshin Impact’          Mihoyo welcomes you to the action role-playing game , Genshin Impact! The game takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat , where each Nation is tied to a magic Element! The story of The Traveler , you , starts when you get separated from your twin sibling and get to the world of Teyvat , where you meet Paimon , your future companion who will accompany you to all the mysteries Teyvat holds. In the story you travel and explore all nations , meeting all the gods(archons) of each one , searching for  your sibling but also exploring all the mysteries and fighting monsters of the abyss on your way! Apart from the story , the gameplay allows you to make teams of 4 characters , which are interchangeable.As their element they can have Anemo, Cryo, Geo , Electro , Hydro, Pyro and Dendro. So , do you wish to explore the mysteries of Teyvat , meet new characters and find your lost sibling?

Konstantina Zirou

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