HOME ALONE A film review

Home alone is an adventure, comedy, Christmas movie from 1990.

It tells the story of an 8-year-old boy named Kevin  McCallister who is the youngest of five children and is frequently bullied by his older brothers and sisters. The day of the family’s Christmas vacation everyone got up late and then started running to get in time to the airport. When everyone was ready they left thinking that nobody was left behind. Only when they got to the airplane they realized that Kevin was left at home alone. Kevin was in punishment and was put to sleep in the attic. But when he woke up and realized he was left alone he wasn’t scared at all. When the family arrived to their destination Kevin’s mother was doing  everything to get back. At the time two burglars named Harry and Marv were trying to break into the house and Kevin prepared smart traps to keep them away. At the end the two burglars were arrested and his family made it home for Christmas morning.

 It is an amazing, classic Christmas movie to watch with your family which can make you laugh very much and make you feel the Christmas spirit. Well-written plot , with great characters and funny, beautiful scenes. I highly recommend it!

 Lochani Kaisoudi

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