Edison & barcodes

ΑΠΟ: vastarog18 - May• 25•19
With the third and last visit of the engineers of 1st Drapetsona Vocational School, Mr. Kyriacou Kourentzi
 and Mr. Stylianos Moschonissiotis, the workshops that took place in the 10th Dim. Ilioupoli
 School for Students and Students in the eTwinning project "Robo-code". The children had the
 opportunity to get acquainted with Edison and use it in conjunction with barcodes 
(Edison & barcodes), plan Edison (Lab 2: Edison & Scratch) and plan it after adding gears and
 shafts (Workshop 3 : Gears, transmission & rotation. In the 2nd Lab, the children presented 
Edison and their programming to their colleagues, pupils of a Polish school.

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