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…the war child that became a peace maker

By  Eleftherios Stefanou

The Greek word διαδίκτυο” is a direct translation of the English term internet. Both words are common and inter changeable in  everyday Greek. The English word has been adopted by most languages across the globe. Up to  the 2000s,  Internet  was written with a capital «I» since  it was originally a proper noun,referring to the interconnected network of computers operated by the U.S. Defense Department.Read the article and watch the  embedded  video to see how- in less than 50 years” time-the internet  became both a globally recognizable word as well as a world-shaping reality.

The history of the Internet began with  “the birth” of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) which was founded in the USA in 1969. That was the result of research made by American universities on behalf of the Department of Defense.

The idea for such a network  came  from the army during the cold war,because of the need to secure wireless contact between remote computer units  in case of a nuclear attack. However, 20 years later the cold war was almost over while computer networks had been evolving all the while.

In 1989, the name was changed to INTERNET (International Network). By that time, the general public had acquired access to the new media worldwide. In 1991,the first e-mail was sent. Despite the fact that the internet was already a very useful and complete tool, researchers haven’t  stopped trying to make it better and up to now they have made huge progress in this topic.

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