blood is thicker than water

ΑΠΟ: mmichalar - Απρ• 30•15


«Το αίμα νερό δεν γίνεται…»

Βy Sotiria Schina

In both the Greek and the English culture, blood relations are considered sacred, a kind of bond that can never be overlooked or broken…For better or for worse your family always remains a part of who you are.

This timeless saying, shows us how powerfully interconnected a family is and it is even more deeper than a friendship. In a family, there is a powerful element that holds its members together and, even If they quarrel, after a while they forget it, because they can’t be mean to their siblings or their parents. This kind of bond is not like water. Water is necessary for life but it doesn’t “stay” with us, like the blood of the family, in other words, the bond of the family.

Shakespeare referred in many of his plays to the importance of family ties, especially in Hamlet. When Hamlet’s father- the king of Denmark- dies, his mother marries her brother in law. The ghost of Hamlet’s father tells him that he was betrayed and poisoned by his brother and asks his son to avenge his death. Hamlet is torn between his duty to his father and his devotion to his mother .

Likewise in Aeschylus’ tragic trilogy, Orestes has no choice but to follow Apollo’s invoke and take revenge for his father’s murder by killing his own mother and he is then hunted down by the merciless Furies(=Ερινύες) for having committed the worst of all crimes-the murder of a family member.

Telemachus,Penelope, Odysseus stay true to their family duty to one another,and in the Iliad, Hector, in his most tragic hour, proclaims that his son’s and his wife’s well being is dearest to him than the whole of Troy’s fate.