The Submarine

ΑΠΟ: mmichalar - Απρ• 19•16

By Nick Alexiou

One day two friends, Mark and Jacob decided to take a submarine and just explore the bottom of the sea. That thought came 11 years ago, when they were 5.


It’s Mark’s 16 birthday and everybody is here. Later this day he remembered an old wish that he hasn’t already accomplished. That wish was going to be real. At  night he went into a huge sea store with his friend so they could buy a submarine. They saw a lot of different colors but they have decided. They took it and headed into the beach. They left from the sand and went underwater. The submarine was amazing but…


The cake was ready .A huge chocolate berry cake with a green buttercream frosting. It was ‘’picture time’’ and everyone said cheese .The picture was funny but something was wrong. A black shadow was behind the people.


Mark wasn’t thinking about them and all was forgotten in his mind. From the submarine’s mirror he saw that they were followed. They were now going faster when suddenly they reached a huge temple and they went inside. They got out of the submarine and caught a torch. They also got snorkels so they can receive oxygen from the atmosphere. The temple had a huge depth when they realized that they were followed by armed military. After that they start running. In front of them was standing a big black hole. They jumped inside. They were in a huge dark lair. A masked person was standing in front of them. He took his mask off and he offered them a job with the following question:

-Do you wanna be spies?

To be continued…………………