STAND UP EUROPE is the latest Erasmus + mobility programme realised by the 1st Vocational Lyceum of Lechena. The programme incorporates the idea of the courage to stand up for diversity in Europe-then and now. The subject matter deals with the historical framework of the Second World War and the atrocities of the Nazi regime across Europe and how resistance against it was formed and correspondingly how people of today can resist to injustice and inequality in Europe through standing up for diversity.

The aforementioned mobility programme involves workshops taking place throughout the two-year period it lasts, both within the actual curricula of the schools involved and within the hosting weeks held by each country.

Countries participating in the programme are France, the Czech Republic, Germany and Greece.

February 2nd – 7th marks the Greek hosting week. Our school welcomes delegations from France, Germany and the Czech Republic, comprising of 5 students and 2 escorting teachers each. Along with the 10 participating Greek students and the programme’s coordinator, Mr Delimpeis, the European students and teachers attend workshops designed by the Greek coordinator and will be visiting the city of Kalavryta on February 5th in an attempt to become familiar with the historical background of the programme’s subject matter and discover ways to reinforce and protect diversity in our lives as European citizens in present day.