School research on environmental issues

environment photo

Environmental issues are a prominent current topic of conversation on a global scale. In this light, the students of the 1st Vocational Lyceum of Lehena decided to put together a questionnaire regarding important environmental issues that are present in their area of living and to present their findings through this article.

The questionnaire consisted of 12 questions and it addressed students of the 1st and 2nd grade. It initially tried to establish what the most serious environmental problems are and then asked students to pinpoint some solutions to the respective problems. Finally, students were asked to reflect on their own attitude towards environmental issues.

According to the questionnaire findings, the majority of students asked identified garbage disposal as the most serious problem regarding their living area and second, the greenhouse effect as a global issue of concern. Students also referred to sea pollution as a cause for concern and stated that its most important side effect is fish poisoning.

Due to the fact that students” local area is frequently afflicted by forest fires, the questionnaire addressed the specific problem as well and cocluded that forest fires are attributed mainly to the human factor and that the destruction of the ecosystem is their most disastrous effect.

Finally, with regard to students” attitude towards environmental issues, they stated that they consider recycling on a practical level and informative material on a theoretical level as the most effective ways to cope with environmental problems on a personal level. Moreover, the students believe that although their involvement in helping protect the environment could have been greater, they are optimistic for the future and believe that there is still time to reverse the damage that is being done.