How to start up a plant nursery

How to start up a plant nursery

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If you enjoy gardening and you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to start your own plant nursery, join Our English Class!!

What you need:

plant containers (we used some black plastic food containers)

soil (we used good organic soil)

seeds (we used watermelon, melon, radish, antirrhinum majus)

plants (we used tomato, pepper, beetroot)

watering cans (we used plastic water bottles and made some holes on their top with a pin)

Make sure you keep your baby seeds wet, protected from the cold weather (you can let them catch some sunshine during the daytime and cover them or take them indoors at night). You can also add some good organic fertilizer in their water once or twice, especially if you want to speed up the sprouting.

If you have any other great tips for gardening or want to learn more about starting your own plant nursery, just leave us a comment below the article. Good luck fellow gardeners!!


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