Christmas Crafts

Cristmas Crafts

Christmas time is coming soon! Are you ready? If you’re a crafty person, Christmas is the right season for you!! There are so many wonderful ideas to choose from but sometimes there’s so little time to try all of them!! So don’t leave it for the last minute!! Find your inspiration, collect your materials and START working!! Here are some amazing ideas you can try from materials you can repurpose or reuse at home! Old sweaters, socks, in fact any kind of cloth, used light bulbs, cardboard packing paper can be used to make the most beautiful ornaments! Enjoy!

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Watch this video to get wonderful creative ideas on how to repurpose old household stuff and reduce your waste this Christmas with these easy, sustainable holiday hacks from Blossom –>

Click on this link to watch the video

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Below you can see some of the crafts we have made so far!! And it’s only the beginning!! Way to go little crafters!! Have fun!

crafts 1 crafts 3 crafts 6 crafts 7 - Αντιγραφήcrafts 2 crafts 4 crafts 5crafts 8
crafts 10

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