Foreign languages in our life

By Efstathia Athanasopoulou



     Nowadays, the majority of people believe that it is essential for everyone to study almost one foreign language. Why is it so important the knowledge of another language? Which are the advantages that we can take from this activity? Is it a way to improve international relations?

     First of all, people learn other languages, English for example, for many reasons. One of them is to obtain an extra qualification that will be useful for them to find a job position. In addition, they would have the opportunity to study or work or just travel abroad and communicate without problems with people from other countries. Consequently, somebody may study another language for practical or vocational reasons.

     Moreover, the study of foreign language contributes to the spiritual evolution of each person. The unique characteristics of each language, such as structure, vocabulary and idioms, introduce the learner to a different way of thinking and facing the world we live. As a result, this activity broadens the mind and helps people to understand and accept easier the other cultures. By discovering the other cultures the person discovers their own country and loves the singularity and value of their own culture.

     Finally, the person has the chance to watch television programmes of other countries, read newspapers and novels and be informed about the latest news and events all over the world.

     If people know a foreign language, they enjoy a wide variety of opportunities which let them come in contact with places from around the world. These opportunities that the majority of the population have, improve a lot the international relations.