Three poems


By Niki Doukouri (A Class)



From time to time there are

Shiny stars in a silvery night sky

The moon is in desperate tears and

I do not even know… I never knew…

Why do not they see? Are they blind?

Is it all just in my mind?

From time to time there are

Glorious celebrations at Victory Hall

My shadow is sneaking around the

Cold mausoleum nearby

I am never there, never inside

Is it their fault or mine?

From time to time there are

Evanescent sparks of light in me

Fleeting memories and dreams

Bright days and tender dawns

Then I am taken again hostage by the dark

Are these visions just a life that does not come back?

From time to time there are

Bleak winters without faint winter light

I am abandoned in my hollow nights

I am just a human, I yearn for love

I only wonder, although I will never ask

Will I one day meet the sun?


the sun




Dense clouds followed by the

Breath of a dead sky

My solitude is slithering beside me

I am left to walk in the night

It is a long way to go

Through the dark

Once they let me love

The fierce sea, the sharp cliffs above

Now they took them again away

I am left to walk in the night

It is a hard way to go

Through the dark

The wind is whispering old curses

No stars, no compassion and

No compass for me

I am left to walk in the night

It is a long and hard way to go

That leads to the light


a way to go




The lines of your beautiful hand

The old port, the pier of our city

The sun blinding me in the afternoon

A swallow sitting on some wires this morning

The aspen I can see from your window

Your laughter I heard today

“A sunset of July;

I lay in the waves

Looking at the sky above

I saw you up there, too…

A flower that bloomed by mistake

The white curtains of that house

The basil of the little garden

The grass, the smell of damp soil

One afternoon I was walking under the pine trees

Another time I had my eyes closed

I listened to the sea moaning beneath me

It was a night with so many stars…”

The shade of an olive tree in the noon

A seagull that was flying, then left

A melody that in my depths is carved

A verse that flows inside my lips

That dark part of your eyes

Something I remembered and

A tear ran on my face;

A smile was drawn on my face;

I felt something new beating in my heart