Our Lives with Computers

By Sotirios Douklias & Evaggelos Tzefrios (A Class)

  Computers have been in our lives for years. Ever since Apple and Microsoft released the first ever computers for home and office use, back in the seventies, everyone experienced the need to have at least one computer. The question is, are computers as useful as they seem? 



Firstly, a computer does not really have a single use. Everyone uses their computer for different purposes: homework, video editing, graphic design and office work are some of these purposes. Nowadays, many jobs revolve around computers, so it would be an understatement to call computers useless.


Many people rely on computers for several reasons. These days, it is by all means difficult to live and work without the use of a computer. Even jobs that didn’t use to need one to be conducted now depend on computer use. A doctor for example, may use his/her computer to schedule appointments.


Apart from that, computers have also enhanced many jobs. For example, civil engineers can now design buildings without the traditional way (paper and pencil), which makes both their work and lives easier.


Computer variants also exist. Laptops and smartphones, though less powerful, are two proud examples. A laptop can do anything (almost) a regular computer can do, plus it can be carried around. Smartphones on the other hand, are less powerful than every computer or laptop out there but they are the easiest to carry around. They are also useful for scheduling appointments and for browsing the Internet.

Now, what about addiction? Of course, computers are there for our own good but addiction can always occur. Extensive use of a computer can result to eye damage and headaches. That said, computers should always be used with a “schedule”.


Dangers can also occur when someone is using a computer. Thousands of people get hacked every day, which leads to computers getting practically destroyed and personal data being stolen. The Internet is a very dangerous place and, although our computers are our guides for this particular purpose, one cannot always be safe behind his/her screen.