The Role of Women in the East

 By Maria Galanopoulou & Marielen Alexopoulou


The status of women in today’s society is considerably improved compared to previous years. However, discrimination continues to date, society continues to be demeaning towards women and there are still many obstacles to gender equality, despite the efforts being made.

In particular, women in many East European countries do not have the right to express their personal opinion and are under the control of their husbands. It is the duty of women to succumb to the desires of their spouses. Also, women in Saudi Arabia face problems taking part in sports. The first female gymnast participating in the London Olympics faced the racism of homogeneous groups and had to be accompanied by a «guard» man wearing appropriate clothing covering most of her body and hair.
Saudi Arabia is considered to have one of the most ruthless systems in the world, often limiting the role of women in society. Female residents are not able to leave the home, not even to visit the doctor without the escort of their husband or some other male family member. Moreover, women do not have the right to dress in a way that emphasizes their beauty or even wear makeup. The majority are forced to wear a long black garment called ‘’abaya or burqa’’ or cover their head and face with a headscarf. They are also forbidden to bathe in public places, such as swimming pools, or go to gyms.



Diminishing excerpts, degrading women, from the Quran which is the holy book of the Muslims.

Chapter Two ‘’The Cow’’
222. When asked about women’s menstruation, answer: <This is an obstacle. Do not come in contact with them during this time and do not mix with them until they become clean. Then come back to them, as God commandes you. The Lord loves the pure and those who repent. >
223. Your women are your field. So go to your field any way you like, but previously, do something about your soul. [...]


Chapter Four ‘’Women’’

3. If you are afraid that you will not behave honestly to orphaned girls, then take two, three or four wives of your choice. Still, if you are afraid that you do not treat them honestly, marry only one woman or any other captive who subdues the power of your hand. This behavior will lift you.

15. If one of your women commits adultery, call four witnesses, and if they affirm it, then keep her in the home until she dies or until God gives her a means of salvation.

34. Men are superior to women because of the uniqueness with which God lifted them above women [.......] Those whose disobedience you fear, scold, remove from your bed and beat them. But if they are obedient, be good to them. The Lord is high and mighty.

Chapter  ‘’The Bee’’

58. If the birth of a daughter is announced, the father immediately goes pale and is speechless due to sorrow.

 59. He hides from others because he is ashamed of the terrible announcement. Therefore, he either has to keep her and suffer the shame or bury her in the sand.

Chapter ‘’The Light’’
2. The adulter and the adulteress are punished with one hundred beatings. Do not be lenient in enforcing God’s Will if you believe in Him.