A Usual School Day

  By Andriopoulos Theodore, Gourdoupis Panagiotis, Kantzaris John & Kollias John


I wake up at around 8:00! Another day is beginning and I’m getting ready for school. As it begins at 9:00, I have time to have a good breakfast and wake up well. I arrive at school and get a good look at it! It is a large red-coloured structure made out of concrete and steel, and it has glass panels in the front side to use the sun for heat and light. The building is surrounded by a wonderful garden with colourful flowers that the students have planted and still take care of. The school block also contains the gym and an area with grass where there are always some kids playing football.


When I walk in, I see a fistful of delightful teachers and the janitor waving at me with a positive vibe. I walk through the corridor and I check my schedule. It looks like my first class that I am attending is the maths class so I go straight to the classroom and I leave my stuff in my desk. The class is a very colourful and cosy place with the sunlight passing through every crevice of every window. I leave the classroom and I join my friends in the cafeteria …seems that we have 5 more minutes before the lesson begins so we start talking and the bell rings. It seems that I have to join my class. I say goodbye to my friends and I walk towards the class. The lesson begins! The teacher is really happy today…


The second lesson is History. The teacher has found a really interesting documentary about the Peloponnesian war and she looks eager to show it to us. Afterwards, we have to write a short paragraph about what we remember from the video. To my surprise, most of the students remember a lot of things and the teacher looks satisfied. She then gives us the task to make a project, individually or in groups. Then, the ring bells and I go to the school restaurant to eat something since it is the largest break, lasting 20 minutes.


    It’s time to take a break and the bell rings for lunch. I walk towards the cafeteria and I open my lunch box. I have a sandwich with salami and a chocolate bar. Because the system allows you to choose the lessons you attend, it is only natural that there will be some gaps in the school schedule. The third hour I have no lesson, so I go to a computer room to start the project in History. There are already many other students with similar intentions but fortunately I find a computer and I manage to complete a significant portion of the project by the end of the third hour.


 The fourth hour I have computers. This month we are making a website using the HTML programming language. I have decided to make a site about the education systems around the world. I prefer to write it here because being in school gives me ideas and the computers are really good with a stable Internet connection. Plus, my classmates are always willing to help me, especially in the actual coding.


In the break I go to a computer to quickly check my e-mail, but I have nothing interesting. I check my schedule and I see that I have chemistry so I head straight to the lab where the lesson takes place. It is a relatively small class full of instruments, tubes and liquids! We are conducting an experiment and we have to be precise with the elements and their amounts. The goal is to watch how certain elements react with oxygen and the whole class is eager to find out. The results were very interesting and everyone looks excited with what they have just experienced.


The last hour is the foreign languages lesson, and English for me. During the break we all have a book in our hand because we are certain that we will write a test since in under a month, I and most of the students will give the state’s B level English exam. When the lesson begins the teacher gives a piece of paper to each of us. Unsurprisingly, we are writing a test. I had studied so I go really well, or at least that’s what I think. Following the test the teacher turns on the class computer and we start a listening exercise. Unfortunately, the sound isn’t the best but it is still clear enough.


           Although the schedule is over, most students have a club afterwards. A club is like an extra-curricular lesson but you are free to choose any club you want. They are dedicated to a subject or to sports or music and most importantly they are optional. I have personally chosen the astronomy club while my friend is going to his football club training. Next to the astronomy club, the drama club is rehearsing for the Christmas play and the music club is assisting them. Today we are going to observe Jupiter using our high-tech telescopes. Next weekend we have planned to go to the cinema and watch the latest Star Wars film. I am looking forward to it.


    When the club meeting finishes, I go to my locker and collect my things ready to go back home and relax since I have no homework. My only task is to create an app with my friend. We have been working on it for the last few days. It has been another exciting day at school.


A sudden sound wakes me up in the middle of the night. It’s a pity because I was having a great dream. I was a student in a beautiful school and everyday had something new to offer me. I go back to sleep. After some time the alarm clock rings.  Another day is beginning and I’m getting ready. I have time to have a good breakfast and wake up well. I get into the car and arrive at school. As I turn round the corner, I get a good look at it! It is a large red-coloured structure made out of concrete and steel and it has glass panels in the front side to use the sun for heat and light. It’s a beautiful building. “Have a nice day at school, son” I tell my son with love and I continue driving to work smiling.