By Koutra Georgia, Andonopoulou Georgia,

Athanasopoulos Thanasis & Kaliakoudas Panagiotis


Health is a very important thing in our lives in order to achieve a long life-span without pain and issues. So, what do you really need in order to be healthy?

The first thing you need to be healthy is to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. Also, it is very important to boil your food and not fry it. For a healthy diet you have to be able to avoid fast food and sweets. Homemade food is the best option to choose because you know what your food is made of. Finally, drinking a lot of water is an invaluable source of mental and physical well-being.

Another secret for a healthy lifestyle is the physical exercise. There are a lot of ways that you can exercise either at the gym or even at your own home. Running at least fifteen minutes per day will make you healthier and according to research it will make you happier. Nowadays, you can even exercise with the help of your smartphone. There are a couple of apps that you can download and they will show you what exercise to do and how much repetitions or minutes to dedicate. Furthermore, you need to be very concentrated while you exercise so you don’t get injured and don’t forget to work out regularly.

To sum up, combining a healthy diet and a daily exercise is the most beneficial way to live healthily. Eat healthy and work out!