(By Gregory Kouverianos, Demeter Diamantopoulou & Vasilis Alexopoulos – A class)


A Clockwork Orange” is one of the most classic science fiction films. Based on an Anthony Burgess’s novel, it has been written, produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. There is no doubt that this film is one of the Kubrick’s highlights which has been nominated for four academy awards. Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the most thought-provoking, surrealistic films in the history of the seventh art.

Malcolm McDowell plays the role of an aggressive, amoral young man, who volunteers for an experimental, controversial therapy developed by the government in order to rehabilitate, after a difficult period in prison. However, the therapy has unexpected consequences.


The psychology, the law and the morality are the main themes of this exceptional artwork. The talented director, Stanley Kubrick manages to flesh out smoothly the main character, while ratchets up the tension all the time. Moreover, the young cast members give some unmemorable, outstanding performances which make the film one worldwide masterpiece What impressed us more, are the social and the political messages of the movie and its philosophical, left-wing characteristics. Finally, the music themes and the futuristic scenery are some other remarkable characteristics of the film.

To sum up, we wholeheartedly recommend this significant film and we certainly include it in the Kubrick’s highlights. However, the disturbing, violent and in many cases sensual scenes may make the film a bit annoying for the wide audience.