By Harry Zaverdas (class A) 

Hard training, willing to try, strict discipline and above all: PASSION, is what you need to play one of the most fascinating sports- WATER POLO. The history of water polo starts in 1926 when, according to a story, English players of polo (played by horses) shot their ball into a lake and so they started playing a game with the ball in the water. The first unofficial games were organised by Wilson, a fanatic of water sports from Glasgow and played in lakes with boats for goalposts. The first official international water polo game was between England and Scotland and England won with 4-0.

The rules of the game are quite simple. Two teams with seven players each, try to put the ball into the opponent team’s goalpost. No one, except for the goalkeeper, is allowed to touch the ball with two hands. The game has 4 periods with 8 minutes each and the teams have 30 seconds to create an attack. The training is on a daily basis with over two hours a day. If you want to play water polo you have to swim fast and be in a nice physical condition. But water polo offers you a nice body sculpture. According to researches, by swimming you burn 550 kcal per hour, much more from any other exercise.

In conclusion, water polo is a worth-trying sport. Also, the fact that Greece has won so many titles at international level, gives us the sign that more and more people should try this amazing sport.