κατάλογοςBy Dionisis Chiras


Student life is the most fundamental and happiest period of the human life. Children in this period learn countless new things and information about life and they prepare themselves for the future so as to join society. Every day, they go το school and there they learn first of all, to communicate with other people and secondly, to cooperate with them by doing school projects. All these skills and information that school provides students with will be the key to a bright future to fulfill their dreams and complete their goals that they set every day.

Except for this part of the student’s daily routine, most students do extra-curricular activities. Some of them might be English lessons or private tutoring and sports. Another important thing for students is to take a certificate in the English language. Why do students want to take such a certificate? The answer is simple, because in this day and age English has become a worldwide language and speaking English fluently can help people and especially students in several ways. For instance, many jobs require the applicant to have an English certificate, so if a person has it, s/he can easily take the job. Furthermore, school often organizes school trips and some of them give the chance to students to visit a foreign country. In this case, speaking English can help them communicate with the locals and as a result learn more things about the country’s culture.

As for the sports that children do as an extra-curricular activity, they join different sport teams to do their favorite sport. In this way, they take a break from their exhausting, but also interesting daily routine, to do something they like and simultaneously exercise their bodies and keep fit. Some do individual sports, but others love playing team sports with their friends.

On the other hand, even though student life is so interesting, it is also very tiring due to the busy schedule that students have to follow every day. The long school hours, the homework that they have to do and the daily extra-curricular activities exhaust them and consequently there is lack of spare time for the students to do whatever they like.

To conclude, student life is a unique experience that children will never forget. In this period they learn many new things and do a lot of activities that they will probably never again have the chance to do. So it is important for them to have some free time to do something new every day.