“John Q”

By Andreas Zochios and Panagiotis Flogeras


A very well cooked thriller, with every necessary ingredient, and a plot meant to surprise the viewer. Full of love, passion, family issues, commercial interests and politics all blended into a magnificent work of art topped with Denzel Washington’s performance. The film shows many aspects of life, and should be seen by all people to evaluate one’s point of view on each of the parallel stories depicted. The Author takes an everyday situation and sows the seed of self – criticism in every spectator, making this more than a thriller to pass the time away. The Director plays with the characters as a Master would play his pieces on a chessboard, giving each actor enough role and having a defined objective: to checkmate the audience, and I must say he does this with very few elements, mainly dialog sequences and very few Special effects, thus turning this film into a masterpiece. Denzel Washington is the perfect choice for this film, due to his ability to play poker face situations, and his ability to play any kind of character he is offered. I do highly recommend this movie, to see it two, three or more times. Every time one sees the film, gets a new detail to one’s collection and a new question to answer. Ideal for family discussion and highly recommended for teenagers, so that they can understand how much their parents love them, and that they would do anything for them.

Runtime: 1 Hour, 56minutes                 Recommended Age: 13+

Genre: Crime Drama/ Thriller               Year Aired: 2002

Starring: Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall, Gabriela Oltean, Kimberly Elise