By Augustinus Gikas and Kostas Mazarakis


Lamborghini Egoista! There are no words to describe this car. An incredible car that was designed by Walter de Silva to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini’s establishment.

This car uses the latest technology and is unique in it’s kind. It’s amazing design brings to the minds of people who see it the shape of a shark. However the whole project was based on the Gallardo, another car of Lamborghini’s industries.

 lamborghini gallardo

          The unique one-seat cockpit is similar to that of a fighter jet, and has a canopy door that is completely removable. The steering wheel must be removed to enter and exit vehicle like a Formula One car.


The lighting resembles that of a modern airplane, with side markers and indicators on the sides and top of the car as well as front and rear. The bodywork consists of active aerodynamic panels that raise and lower for optimum downforce and stability. The body and wheels are made of antiradar material to even more identify with fighter jets.

It features a 5.2L v10 engine producing 600hp. Is a very fast car. It is an all-wheel-drive car so has fast acceleration but it’s top speed is reduced because of this. It’s top speed is 305kmh. The cost of the car is estimated at 117 million dollars.