SELF HELP CORNER: 5+1 tips: How to survive high school (?)

               By  Maya Chronopoulou & Nikoletta Spiliotopoulou


High school may seem chaotic, frightening or overwhelming, whereas the following tips will undoubtably help you ‘’make it out alive’’!

  1. Do not procrastinate

Even though the idea of postponing your responsibilities for later is quite   tempting.  The sooner you start doing your homework, the better you will  absorb the information, which entails to improve performance of school.


  1. Do not get upset over petty details.

A bad mark on a test, an argue with your friends or family are not the end   of the world! Don’t let these things affect your self esteem and your will. Everyone makes mistakes, learns from them and, most importantly, moves on.


  1. Talk to your parents

High school year coincide with those adolescences the time when everything about you changes. Although, it will be uncomfortable at first, discussing with your fears, worries and thoughts with your parents will eventually become a relieving habit that will help you understand smoothly how life functions.


  1. Try new things

It’s okay not to know what you like or not because high school is the right time to figure it out. Take art or foreign language classes, read about science literature start a new sport, not only these things will form you but they will reveal your talents and evolve your skills.


  1. Not go over your limits

We know that you are trying really hard to combine your social life with school goals, but do not push yourself to the limit. Sometimes it is a savior to skip a party, or to abstain from your phone for a few hours to relax. Put your priorities straight and work with schedule. In this way, everything will work out.


  1. You are the only obstacle standing in your way

Stop believing that you will fail or that you cannot accomplish your aspiration!Of course you can do it! Some things might be more difficult than others, or require a further effort, but if you stay in your path and not lose your hope or give up, you will succeed!