Our Planet

By Vassiliki Apostolopoulou

Most of us are aware of the threat of climate change. The thing we can do to prevent or at least diminish this threat is to economize, not so much financially, but on the natural resources that we consume every day. In other words, we should all…

economize on water

The world’s fresh water is in short supply and millions of people have no access to it. To save on water, we should not leave the tap running and also taking a shower is preferable to having a bath.

economize on fuels

The consumption of fuels, especially oil and natural gas creates fumes and toxic gases. We ought to walk short distances and avoid going by car. In this way, less exhaust fumes will be released in the atmosphere. Moreover, to keep ourselves warm we should wear thick clothes and close all the windows at home, instead of turning on the heat.

economize on household waste

To ease the volume of urban trash, which are hazardous for every citizen, we should try recycling and using reusable products, so that our environmental footprint will be diminished.

economize on electricity

When it comes to keeping electricity consumption to a minimum, we can all try to turn off unnecessary lights when we exit a room and switch off devices and electrical equipment that we do not need.

All in all, we should understand how crucial the things stated above are and furthermore we should try to make them a part of our every day life.