Consuming Fast Food

By Orestis Kremis


Despite its indisputable bad consequences on human body, fast food consumption is gaining ground. Why do people still continue eating such harmful food even though experts have warned them about the negative impact on their precious health? What can be done to put an end?

There are a plethora of reasons why people have bad eating habits. Initially, most people have such busy schedules that they don’t have any free time to cook homemade food, thus ending up consuming big amounts of fast food, which contain sugar and fats that make them addicted. As a matter of fact, most people especially the young cannot resist the taste that such food has and not only that but also they do not particularly love eating fruits and vegetables which will enable them to acquire better health and become much stronger. Therefore, they end up having heart attacks, diabetes or even cancer! Needless to say, adverts contribute to persuading people to consume fast food on a daily basis. They advertise tantalizing dishes which tempt everyone to try!!

Hence, health experts should make a huge attempt to prevent people from consuming fast food. Through ads or health seminars they can make everybody realize that they have to follow a balanced, healthy diet in order to keep themselves fit. Should they follow a diet which is rich in vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients needed, they will have a healthy body. Suffice it to say, schools can play an active role as well. Not only could teachers impart knowledge to their students but they should also instill in them health values which will make them adopt healthy eating habits and as a result developing both their mental and physical state!

Overall, there is no reason whatsoever why people should not realize the gravity of the situation and react quickly enough! It is essential that everybody try their very best with a view to effecting a change in people’s perception towards fast food. Were we to break this bad habit of consuming fast food, we would definitely have an opportunity of leading a much healthier life of our own!