By Paris Drakoulelis


The subject of the text is the most well-known computer processors in the last decade around the world, the AMD. It is one of the top companies that produces technological products with such amazing quality in products regardless of price.

Founded: on May 1, 1969 by Jerry Sanders, an excellent mathematician, engineer and businessman born in Chicago, USA, where he founded his first company.









AMD FOUNDER Jerry Sanders on the fiftieth birthday of his company.



AMD’s first processor in collaboration with INTEL was the AMD x86, a product that competed with the Intel model of the INTEL 8086 CPU.

There was not much demand for AMD processors in those years. Intel, on the other hand, has made tremendous sales to many well-known companies.


 33      AMD’s first processor

44       Intel’s awesome sales processor


Things changed in the 21st century when AMD also started making series gaming graphics cards that were satisfactory to the average gamer and challenged Nvidia, which had dominated in previous years. So AMD started selling millions of pieces worldwide and somehow it evolved into what it is today.



Thus, in 2017, AMD’s ATHLON series were created, which were the most budget solutions for the world that did not have to pay 200-300 euros to buy an intel processor.

In May 2017, two months after the creation of ATHLON, AMD created the RYZEN series which had tremendous performance and for most people was their basic choice for their computer.

In the summer of 2019 he built the ZEN 2 series architecture of 7 nanometers where 3 months later they built the THREAD RIPPER series with the architecture of 8 nanometers. It was and is the most expensive processors with the latest one «reaching» the value of 4500 euros. AMD has exceeded 5 billion sales with their RYZEN line, something that has started to scare intel as their sales have fallen sharply. While with ZEN 2 architecture and THREADRIPPER it has reached 10 billion sales.




AMD Athlon processors





The latest model in the RYZEN series of processors


88    The most expensive AMD RYZEN THREADRIPPER processor with a value of 4500 euros and one of the largest in size.



The size of such an expensive processor!



In conclusion, AMD has grown incredibly in 50 years and although it has become more expensive in the last 2 years, it has also produced quality products with budget prices for people with little money and I believe that it will become the main choice of the world.


Source: Wikipedia