8 Benefits Of Having A Cat

By Nicol Barakou


1. Health

According to a research conducted in 2008 by the University of Minnesota, cat owners present decreased risk of passing away due to a heart attack. More specifically, all of the 4,500 people who took part (the 3/5 of whom did own a cat), had been under observation for 10 years and, in the end, the conclusion that the possibility of a heart attack was higher by 30% for those who had never lived with a cat was reached.

Another research by James Serpell, that took place in the University of Pennsylvania, followed 24 individuals who had just got a cat. They were asked to answer a questionnaire a few days before taking the cat, and after that, they had to re-answered similar questionnaires many times over the 10 following months. From the answers given, it was observed that within a month from starting to live with the cat, the new owners had realized that they experienced issues, such as headaches, backpains, as well as colds, less often than they normally used to.

2. Anxiety & depression

Scientifically proven is the fact that the cat’s purr has a positive impact on man, since it has the ability to make him feel relaxed, less stressed, and, in some cases, even to decrease his blood pressure. In addition to that, the vibrations caused during the purr can help with dealing with loads of conditions. Although all the animals have an “anti-depressing function”, the cats present an increased ability to infect the calmness which characterizes them and, at the same time, to detract the attention of those who suffer from some kind of phycological disorder, which has as a result, in the long run, their contribution in the fighting of the disease. Doubtless, cats can occasionally become truly amusing. Even if someone doesn’t have a cat of his own, there is always the possibility of watching one of the many funny cat videos that are available online, in order to spend his time in an enjoyable way. At this point, it is well-worth mentioning that, according to specialists, watching such videos for about 20 minutes on a daily basis, promises to reduce the cortisol’s levels in the organism and boost the short-term memory.

Additionally, cats play an important role in the handle of any loss, whether it is a loss of a beloved person, a job, a partner or anything else. The cat can accelerate the procedure of acceptance of the new situation and cause the reduction of usual symptoms, such as crying, since, talking to the cat about what you are going through, as well as the bare presence of it, can provide the individuals, who are getting through a harsh time, with great relief.

On no account should we overlook the cat’s contribution in the sleep’s process. As it above-mentioned, cats have the ability to  make the man feel relaxed, and, in this manner, to help him sleep easier. Beneficial would also be for the owners to follow their cat’s lead, and adopt the habit of getting a brief sleep during the noon, a “siesta”, as it is called, which is of great importance to the function of the body, the memory, while it is believed to improve one’s creativity, along with his productivity.

3.  Cats set a good example

Despite the fact that, generally speaking, calmness is one of the distinctive characteristics of a cat, at times, there are some outbursts. Under no circumstances will a cat hesitate to act in a crazy way and let off steam in the most unexpected manner. A research, conducted in 2012 by the University of Harvard indicated that if someone, even subconsciously, keeps his negative feelings inside, will increase the risk of developing a heart malfunction, or, in certain cases, even some types of cancer. Therefore, it can be concluded that getting rid of pressure and the feelings that are harmful to us, turns out being redeeming.

 Furthermore, we can imitate cats in their strategy of making decisions. They are in the habit of carefully weighting all of their options, before making up their minds towards a direction. So, they have a tendency to analytically examine their alternatives and, unlike dogs who are bound to rush in chasing a ball, they will find it preferable to devote a bit more of time in planning their attack, in order to ensure its success. Beyond any doubt, a mature decision, which will not be regretted afterwards, requires, at first place, organized thought and time.

Has there ever been a single cat who let a failure discourage or stop her? The answer is certainly no. No matter how many times they fall, they get back on their feet, showing us, via their behavior, that the mistakes are something inevitable to be made, but yet, should not be an obstacle to our way. 

4.  Cat owners are smarter

A resent study by the Bristol’s University in Great Britain has shown that the owners of a cat are more likely to possess a degree of higher education than those who own a dog. Another relevant 2016’s research based on 600 University students, found that those who had a cat as a pet are smarter and more witty than the others, while, at the same time, they tend to work harder and more extensively than the overall student.

5.  Children who live with a cat develop less allergies

A research conducted in the National Health Institute came to the conclusion that kids who are younger that one year in age and live in the same house with a cat, have considerably decreased likelihood of presenting an allergy at some point in their future lives. Generally, the younger the age in which someone gets “exposed” to a cat on a regular basis, the more armoured his immune system will become.

6.  Cats can tell a lot about their owner’s character

It has been proven that the pet’s choice is not random at all. While dog owners are, more often than not, more sociable and outgoing, those of a cat are more introvert, quiet, shy, but more honest, as well.

7.  Cats can save one’s life

In spite of the dominant stereotype which claims that cats are selfish animals who are exclusively interested in their personal good and only perform actions that can actually offer them a benefit, in fact, those smart creatures have saved human lives. To be more specific, there have been several cases recorded, in which cats had taken notice of upcoming epileptic or diabetic fits of their owners, or, in some other cases, they have waken their whole family up in the night, to warn them that, while they were sleeping, the house got on fire.

A striking example of a cat saving the lives of many men, is the case of Simon, a cat owned by one of the sailors of Great Britain’s navy ship, called “H.M.S. Amethyst”. Simon was boarded on the ship, when it was crossing the Chinese river Wang-Chu. The cat managed to prevent a mice epidemic, and, additionally, he contributed a great deal in cheering up the crew members, making them feel more optimistic and maintaining their morale high. Unfortunately, the beloved pet was hit on the leg and its back, by a projectile of the Chinese, who attacked the ship. When “H.M.S. Amethyst” finally got back to Britain, on November the 1st 1949, his wounds had been contaminated, and in the end, Simon didn’t make it. He was honored by the military, received a series of animals’ medals and afterwards, he was buried in the animals’ burial of Britain’s navy.

8.  Cats contribute in the creation of relationships

A cat can actually help its owner find a partner! The results of a research conducted in Great Britain showed that 82% of women who participated, agreed that they are more attracted by men who love animals, while, according to 90% of them, men who are cat owners seem to be prettier in comparison to others who aren’t.

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