By Pericles Loukopoulos & Michael Pantazopoulos



Today, video games are a growing part of our culture. They inspire events, connect people and they relieve stress. The foremost popular game within the world without doubt is the League of Legends.

First, released by Riot Games in 2009, the League of Legends has since won plenty of awards within the gaming community and paved the way for a brand-new generation of games to embrace over 1,000,000 people worldwide. The game includes two teams, each with 5 roles against one another to destroy the opposite team’s nexus.

Over the years, the League of Legends has developed a culture of its own with international celebrities, musical parodies, and even an expert scene with teams from everywhere the globe competing against one another. People that have played the game since its release can select from a spread of over 100 unique characters, and even as many customizable rune pages that enhance the way they’re played. However, people that have joined the League community recently find themselves without access to several choices. The cash system within the game makes it extremely hard for brand spanking new players to stay up with the continuously changing forms of gameplay because of the changes that are being regularly entered.

Players earn an amount of in-game currency, called influence points or rp, for each game they play. The number of rp depends on the game mode played and the length of the game. The price of characters is divided into sections of 450, 1350, 3150, and 6300 rp; newly released characters cost 7800 rp. The result of all of this can be that a player must win over 7 games, one in every of them being his daily, so as to get a personality costing over 450. With normal games lasting around half an hour at the most, someone should play over five hours so as to shop for a personality.

The current money system is simply affected by some variables. Money systems in other games are supported point system. In these systems the amount of currency given to each player after a game is based on the number of points a play has gained by the time the game finishes. The points are awarded to the players over the course of the game for completing some actions. This sort of system rewards players for doing well and taking initiatives in game and would stimulate the sort of progress.

Riot encourages for the expansion of the League of Legends. It’d reward players for doing well with what resources they currently have and permits them to embrace a more active role within the expansion of their current gameplay. Riot has mentioned numerous times how they allow and reward good plays and counter plays in the game. Then such a play should come about as actual rewards that may be used to improve the gaming experience for all the players. The current money system protects players because it doesn’t single them out for doing poorly, but rather just rewards the team’s performance as a whole. It also allows players to raised regiment their time because they’ll estimate what proportion currency they go to induce based only on a pair of things no matter their skill.

These aspects of the game would be admirable if the League of Legends was purely an off-the-cuff game. However, Riots’ intentions have made it clear that they require to push a more competitive and interactive atmosphere within the game. This currency system fails to do this, but the new system gives each player more control over their rate of progress and would encourage them to undertake and do better because doing rewards them better. By rewarding players for doing well, they’re more likely to try and do so, or have a minimum of effort.

The League of Legends is a team oriented game, as individual players can perform their best and still lose the game because the remainder of their team is worse than the enemy team. This frustrates most players and the community has coined the phrase “elo hell” to discuss the ranking of a player who is stuck due to this. Players can get demoralized if they think a game is lost, so they can just quit and leave their team undermanned, start verbally abusing the opposite players within the game, or play in a way that’s intentionally detrimental to the team. The points-based system would encourage players to try and do well no matter what the last-word outcome of the game could be, because they might be rewarded if earning their own personal contributions instead of determining the fate of the team. Converting to such a system would not only be helpful for brand spanking new players but also for veteran players and therefore the community as a whole.

The points system that might be needed to change the current system is already partially in situ. The game currently keeps track of various statistics for every player throughout the course of the game. Statistics like damage dealt/taken and gold earned are just some of the various stats that every player can hunt and analyze to judge performance. The following step would be finding how to weigh and value the points so they’ll be converted into ip. Riot may diversify the system with more statistics such as the amount of shield granted, the units of movement impeded and the duration of control applied. Thus, there are more opportunities for players of each role to be rewarded permanently and help players understand what they’re contributing to every individual game they play.

The League of Legends is the hottest game in the world and can possibly still be so for a protracted time. Its popularity constantly attracts new players all round the world, with more and more people being drawn to the game franchise each day. Being such an intricate and diverse game, there’s an outsized resource discrepancy between new players and veteran players. To assist rectify the discrepancy and promote better gameplay from the final community, Riot should implement a point-based money system that rewards players supporting their skill in the game. This way, new players can more easily compete with existing players and not be inhibited by an absence of resources.