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By Stavros Zapantes

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By Pericles Loukopoulos & Michael Pantazopoulos



Today, video games are a growing part of our culture. They inspire events, connect people and they relieve stress. The foremost popular game within the world without doubt is the League of Legends.

First, released by Riot Games in 2009, the League of Legends has since won plenty of awards within the gaming community and paved the way for a brand-new generation of games to embrace over 1,000,000 people worldwide. The game includes two teams, each with 5 roles against one another to destroy the opposite team’s nexus.

Over the years, the League of Legends has developed a culture of its own with international celebrities, musical parodies, and even an expert scene with teams from everywhere the globe competing against one another. People that have played the game since its release can select from a spread of over 100 unique characters, and even as many customizable rune pages that enhance the way they’re played. However, people that have joined the League community recently find themselves without access to several choices. The cash system within the game makes it extremely hard for brand spanking new players to stay up with the continuously changing forms of gameplay because of the changes that are being regularly entered.

Players earn an amount of in-game currency, called influence points or rp, for each game they play. The number of rp depends on the game mode played and the length of the game. The price of characters is divided into sections of 450, 1350, 3150, and 6300 rp; newly released characters cost 7800 rp. The result of all of this can be that a player must win over 7 games, one in every of them being his daily, so as to get a personality costing over 450. With normal games lasting around half an hour at the most, someone should play over five hours so as to shop for a personality.

The current money system is simply affected by some variables. Money systems in other games are supported point system. In these systems the amount of currency given to each player after a game is based on the number of points a play has gained by the time the game finishes. The points are awarded to the players over the course of the game for completing some actions. This sort of system rewards players for doing well and taking initiatives in game and would stimulate the sort of progress.

Riot encourages for the expansion of the League of Legends. It’d reward players for doing well with what resources they currently have and permits them to embrace a more active role within the expansion of their current gameplay. Riot has mentioned numerous times how they allow and reward good plays and counter plays in the game. Then such a play should come about as actual rewards that may be used to improve the gaming experience for all the players. The current money system protects players because it doesn’t single them out for doing poorly, but rather just rewards the team’s performance as a whole. It also allows players to raised regiment their time because they’ll estimate what proportion currency they go to induce based only on a pair of things no matter their skill.

These aspects of the game would be admirable if the League of Legends was purely an off-the-cuff game. However, Riots’ intentions have made it clear that they require to push a more competitive and interactive atmosphere within the game. This currency system fails to do this, but the new system gives each player more control over their rate of progress and would encourage them to undertake and do better because doing rewards them better. By rewarding players for doing well, they’re more likely to try and do so, or have a minimum of effort.

The League of Legends is a team oriented game, as individual players can perform their best and still lose the game because the remainder of their team is worse than the enemy team. This frustrates most players and the community has coined the phrase “elo hell” to discuss the ranking of a player who is stuck due to this. Players can get demoralized if they think a game is lost, so they can just quit and leave their team undermanned, start verbally abusing the opposite players within the game, or play in a way that’s intentionally detrimental to the team. The points-based system would encourage players to try and do well no matter what the last-word outcome of the game could be, because they might be rewarded if earning their own personal contributions instead of determining the fate of the team. Converting to such a system would not only be helpful for brand spanking new players but also for veteran players and therefore the community as a whole.

The points system that might be needed to change the current system is already partially in situ. The game currently keeps track of various statistics for every player throughout the course of the game. Statistics like damage dealt/taken and gold earned are just some of the various stats that every player can hunt and analyze to judge performance. The following step would be finding how to weigh and value the points so they’ll be converted into ip. Riot may diversify the system with more statistics such as the amount of shield granted, the units of movement impeded and the duration of control applied. Thus, there are more opportunities for players of each role to be rewarded permanently and help players understand what they’re contributing to every individual game they play.

The League of Legends is the hottest game in the world and can possibly still be so for a protracted time. Its popularity constantly attracts new players all round the world, with more and more people being drawn to the game franchise each day. Being such an intricate and diverse game, there’s an outsized resource discrepancy between new players and veteran players. To assist rectify the discrepancy and promote better gameplay from the final community, Riot should implement a point-based money system that rewards players supporting their skill in the game. This way, new players can more easily compete with existing players and not be inhibited by an absence of resources.

«Kimetsu No Yaiba» or «Demon Slayer»

By Harry Kotsias, Spyros Kakaroumbas & Konstandinos Vasilakopoulos

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese manga series. It follows Tanjiro Kamado, who tries to become a demon slayer after his family was killed by a demon and his younger sister Nezuko turned into a demon.

It was serialized in Shueisha’s shōnen manga from February 2016 to May 2020, with its chapters collected in twenty-three volumes.

A 26-episode anime television series adaptation produced by Ufotable aired in Japan from April to September 2019.

A sequel film, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train was released in October 2020 and became the highest-grossing anime film and Japanese film of all time with huge profits despite the pandemic. A second season of the anime series, readapting the «Mugen Train» arc seen in the film and covering the «Entertainment District» arc from the manga, premiered in October 2021.

Both the manga and its anime adaptation have received critical acclaim. The anime series has received numerous awards and is considered one of the best anime of the 2010s. In 2020, the Demon Slayer franchise generated an estimated annual sales revenue of ¥1 trillion ($8.75 billion), becoming one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.


Main characters

Tanjiro Kamado: is the main protagonist of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps, who joined to find a remedy to turn his sister, Nezuko Kamado, back into a human and to hunt down and kill demons, and later swore to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King, in order to prevent others from suffering the same fate as him.


Nezuko Kamado: is the sister of Tanjiro Kamado. She is a demon and one of the two remaining members of the Kamado family. Formerly a human, she was attacked and turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji.


Inosuke Hashibira:  is one of the main protagonists of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and along with Zenitsu Agatsuma, a traveling companion of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. He is also a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps.

αρχείο λήψης (1)αρχείο λήψης (2)Zenitsu Agatsuma: is one of the main protagonists of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and along with Inosuke Hashibira, a travelling companion of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. He is also a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps.

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Muzan Kibutsuji is the main antagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the Demon King, the first of his kind, as well as the progenitor of all other demons in existence. Muzan is also the leader of the Twelve Kizuki, an organization of the twelve strongest demons in existence that serve directly under him.

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By George Kakos


Can you solve this crossword?


And here is the key to check your answers…


Video Games

By Katsenos Spyros, Georgiopoulos Stathis & Douvri Konstandina


The advantages of video games

The positive effects of video games have to do both with the elements of the games themselves and with elements relating to the enviroment that is formed around an online game.

In an electronic game the child is asked to make specific movements in order to achieve a good result in a short time, in short he enters a thought process.


Consequently, he can improve his skills to a very basic level, in terms of hand-eye coordination, the so-called fine movements.

As the games become more complex, then the player will need to draw a sequence of movements within the game, a specific path,

to assess its strengths, to manage resources at its disposal to improve its position.


Many video games also contain problems and puzzles. In that way, the player will develop the ability to read and basic mathematical skills accordingly

problems and puzzles that you will be called upon to solve. He will start making assumptions and verifying them, he will use a mnemonic map of the area in which

the game is played. Finally, he will be able to develop a good understanding of the situation at any time and make quick decisions after analyzing the situation.


The most important thing is that he will need to concentrate for a significant period of time and insist on his self-improvement in order to be able to overcome his opponents starting with zero skills.

In the microcosm created around a game, children engage in dialogues first at the level of a group’s basic understanding and then creating stable groups of teammates and if

the game allows, large teams of tens or even hundreds of clans. In this context, the children-players know each other better and beyond what a nickname may suggest,

and on the sidelines of a batch, they talk and comment. Some will go through the process of organizing others to develop organizational skills and decision-making skills,

while at the same time everyone will benefit from the team spirit of cooperation. This initially limited social contact can help shy children, or children without social skills, feel accepted

and practice how to talk and make friends.


The disadvantages of video games

Video game addiction is mainly due to the secretion of dopamine that is released in the brain after each victory. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction and people

we tend to repeat behaviors that please us. Apparently, according to the researchers” findings, video games are designed to fire repeatedly

the secretion of «good» substances, such as dopamine. The electronic world of toys exerts a multi-sensory effect (sound, image, graphics, movement) in which one can hardly, let alone a child,

to avoid because it magnetizes the mind. And it is an indisputable fact that they train the brain in an environment where the immediate reward for any small «success» prevails, as a result of which it rises

dopamine, the hormone of pleasure. According to a post by Psychologytoday, dopamine rewards specific behaviors so that we can repeat them but also does more than just

to enhance our sense of happiness. It is also responsible for regulating muscle movement, improving cognitive function, maintaining concentration, making decisions, evaluating problems.

and their resolution and regulation of prolactin secretion. According to scientists studying the phenomenon, a success or failure in an electronic game «raises» or «lowers» dopamine

from the sloping nucleus of the brain and so the immediate reward model works. The most serious cases of addiction are found in boys compared to girls, while there are studies

since 2011 but also neuroimaging studies that show changes in the gray matter of the brain, but also changes in rates of glucose metabolism in brain structures in normal individuals compared to addicts.


Super Mario Brothers 35th Anniversary

By Marilena Papagiannopoulou

Mario Jump Gif

Everybody knows the guy who jumps around and gets coins from brick blocks, Nintendo’s Super Mario! This year Super Mario marks 35 years of amazing games, alongside with hundreds of memories, and of course Nintendo had to celebrate it with an interesting list of events and titles for the Nintenders who own a Nintendo Switch.

Firstly, a vast amount of new game titles has been announced, some already released and some available to preorder at the Nintendo Eshop. Let’s start with the list:

  1. Making 3 significant tittles obtainable for the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario 3D All-Stars bring Super Mario 64 (Nintendo Entertainment System or NES), Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo GameCube) and Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) to life again for every player, old and new, who wants to experience those  awesome adventures. The tittle is already available to be purchased in digital and physical version.
  2. Super Mario Bros. players have a unique way to play the game now, with the Super Mario Bros. 35. In this game, players try to beat other 34 players who play simultaneously and try to reach the top. For a person to win, it requires fast reflexes as the enemies of every other player regenerates at your screen when they are defeated from the other players. There are also 4 new moves and a roulette you can use to help you win. The title is already available only for Nintendo Switch Online Members and it will last until March 31 2021.
  3. An interesting title is going to release making a Wii U game attainable for the Nintendo Switch. Super Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury will soon be procurable for the Switch, making Wii U and 3Ds players full of memories. The tittle will be available on February 12 2021.
  4. A new game is added in the Super NES Online Collection called Super Mario All-Starts. This title features 4 priceless games, Super Mario Bros. (1985), Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (1986), Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988) and Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990). The title is already available only for Nintendo Switch Online Members.

Moreover, new events and features will be added in various games. More specifically:

  1. In November, a Super Mario-themed Ninji Speedruns Course is coming for players who own Super Mario Maker 2.
  2. An Online Tournament with Super Mario Series Fighters will be held for Smash Bros. Ultimate players later this year (Nintendo VS Challenge Cup).
  3. A Super Mario-themed Splatfest will be held for Splatoon 2 players in January 2021.
  4. Super Mario-themed furniture is coming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March 2021.

High 5 Mario-Luigi Gif

Furthermore, games and merchandise are here to fascinate us. With more details:

  1. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is coming in October 16. This game combines video gaming and imagination, by giving the player the chance to make his room, house or whatever he wants his track. He can play with his friends, alongside their cars, and have a blast together.
  2. A special Super Mario-themed Game and Watch System is coming out in November 13. In this Game and Watch System Super Mario Bros. is available to be played and it tells us the time with an outstanding Super Mario way!
  3. Historical merchandise is available at the Nintendo Store. Super Mario 35th Anniversary-themed and Super Mario Splatfest-themed T-shirts have made their way at https://store.nintendo.com/ .
  4. Super Mario-themed products are available to purchase. Particularly:

Last but not least, a pretty cool contest is running but, unfortunately, is only available for player living at US-Canada region.

These are the events and elements are featured due to the Super Mario 35th Anniversary and I am excited for each and every one of them!

Super Mario Waving

More details at:



By Peter Moussafiris, Nick Boulias & Mario Malamis

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Fortnite is an online video game first released in 2017 and developed by Epic Games.  It is available as separate software packages having different game modes that otherwise share the same general gameplay and game engine.  The game modes include:

-        Fortnite Save the World: a cooperative shooter-survival game for up to four players to fight off zombie-like creatures and defend objects with fortifications they can build, 

-        Fortnite Battle Royale: a free-to-play battle royal game where up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing and Fortnite Creative, where players are given complete freedom to create worlds and battle arenas.


Fortnite is available only for  Windows PlayStation 4 and  Xbox One. While the first two games have been successful for Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royal became a resounding success, drawing in more than 125 million players in less than a year and earning hundreds of millions of dollars per month, and since has been a cultural phenomenon. Finally, epic games organizes  tournaments with big money prizes.

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My shopping spree

By Marios Nezeritis, Andreas Tsoukarellas and Kanellos Poretsanos


I think shopping is exciting and fun. It relaxes you from every life. I usually go shopping once a week, in my free time, with my friends or only my mum. Of course going shopping with my friend is more fun. If I need extra money my mum gives me. I usually go to a great shopping mall in the city for my shopping spree.

I like bikes. Every day I go cycling. When I go to a great shopping mall, I go to a bike shop and I buy stuff for my bike. I have a great selection of stuff for my bike. Also, I like video games. I haven’t got a great selection of video games because I haven’t got lots of money. I would like a Play station 3 and two video games (Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Grand the Auto V), but I can’t afford them. Also, I buy clothes and trainers.

Sometimes, my shopping is very exhausting. When I and my friends end the shopping spree, we go to a fast food and eat or to a cafeteria. Oh boy, I just love my shopping spree!!!


Addicted to video games

By Dimitirs Siatras (B Class)


Video game addiction is an excessive or compulsive use of video games that affects a person’s everyday life. Just like with every other addiction, (smoking, doing drugs) the person addicted needs more and more time in front of a console or a PC playing video games to keep himself satisfied. As a result, the person only pays attention to this activity and underestimates others like work, social life, education.


The addiction is caused by the addictive nature of the video games, and the satisfaction they give us while we’re completing the multiple tasks is what makes us keep coming back for more of this experience. Besides fun, video games give us multiple in-game rewards, freedom, and an opportunity to connect and interact  with other players in massive online based games.


The consequences of this addiction can be headaches, red eyes, illusions, back problems and generally physical problems from sitting in one position for multiple hours. But some times the result can be death, just like it has been proven from multiple incidents in China, South Korea, Vietnam, United States and Brazil and more recently in Taiwan where a man died after playing for 40 hours in the private room of an internet café, and was found by the owner of the store.


If there’s such an addicted person in your friendly or family environment, we can help him by recommending him participating in other activities that can get him out from his addiction, encourage his participation in athletic activities and social events. If their addiction has been going for a long time and is irreversible to the above measures then the person shall seek medical attention. There are multiple specialized centers that can help an individual in addiction and have a great effect on him.



By Natalia Kalou (A Class)


Teenagers nowadays have limited free time. If you are one of them you surely understand what I am trying to say.  This is not only because of school homework, but also because of their extracurricular activities. So, entertainment is really important for them as it diverts their attention from their demanding lives and amuses them in their leisure time. Entertainment brings happiness, which is a fundamental and powerful medicine that aids health and wellbeing. Happiness can even reduce stress and tension, which young people have to cope with on a daily basis…

With so many sources of entertainment now available, people have many options to choose from in their precious leisure time. Perhaps the best option is to focus on those forms of entertainment that are educational or inspiring, but this is a personal issue…Some people chose forms of

entertainment that do not require hard  brain work, because they just want to relax and forget their worries for some time. Here are some ways of entertainment:

1)  BOOKS:

Reading book is a really interesting way of entertainment as they offer knowledge, vocabulary expansion and better writing skills. However, teenagers study all day for school and when they have some spear time they can’t stand having their face on a book again, right? Well….no! Actually reading not only has educational offers, but it is also very relaxing. Mental stimulation and stress reduction are only some of its benefits.



Whether being watched on the internet or at the cinema movies are really popular among adolescents. The variety of genres (comedies, horror films, adventures, dramas, romantic films, e.t.c) appeal to a wide audience, so they can choose what they want to see, according to their preferences and mood.



Theater was in ancient Greece a way of education and it was really important that all people watch theatrical performances. Again, theatrical plays could be dramas, musicals, comedies and tragedies. During theatrical performances actors perform live, so they can interact with the audience. That’s something that cinema cannot provide.


4)  MUSIC:

Something common between teenagers is music. Some of them prefer pop, others rock or classical music, others enjoy hip hop and others jazz. Music has the power to motivate you, to calm you down and generally it conforms with your emotions. Teenagers especially are expressed by the lyrics of their favorite songs and that’s what makes music so special!


5)  DANCE:

Dancing is one of the best ways to express yourself. Not only does it entertain you, but also tones your whole body. It helps you stay fit, have a better balance, release stress, increase your energy and improve flexibility. Someone can also attend a dancing class and make some new friends to share their passion!


6)  SPORTS:    

Sports are enjoyable activities really popular among young people as they have many benefits and offer an incredible rush of adrenaline. Playing sports increases stamina, boosts confidence and enhances social life, as sports, especially team sports, involve cooperation and teamwork.