By Nikolas Athanasopoulos

This is a review of sequel, that consists of 5 books.

In this sequel we live in a world, where magic exists. There are only five elements in this world. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Chaos, the strongest of them all. Not all people are magicians in this world. Years ago, a war, called The Cold war, began between the magicians and the students of a magic school called Magisterium, and the supporters of Konstantain Meinten, or else known as “The Enemy of Death”. Konstantain Meinten was a master of Chaos with special abilities that no master of chaos had. His was a graduate of Magisterium. His moves are incited by his old Professor Josef who helped him discover his special abilities and dragged him to the evil side. In that war he dies, but he manages to replace his soul in a baby body during the end of the war. That baby is Kal, the main character.

First book:

Kal is a young boy at the age of 15, when the story starts. He is well-known for his ability to annoy and kick out teachers due to his sarcastic comments. Being a magician, Kal has to attempt a trial which will allow him to enter the school of Magisterium. This trial is called “The Silver Trial”. Most kids want to do well get picked by the professors of the school. But Kal’s dad, Alaster who participated in the Cold war, has warned and advised him to try to not succeed because his dad wants him to stay away from magic for his own good. Kal indeed tries his best and fails haphazardly in a number of tests. But a professor called Rufous, picks him and other 2 kids. When Alaster saw that his old professor picked his son, he runs immediately to try to convince him that it was a wrong decision, but the result is the same. In Magisterium, Kal made 2 new friends, Tamara and Aaron the other two students of Rufous. There he finds out a truth connected to his past and that will mark his future. He finds out that his soul belongs to Konstantain Meinten.

Second book:

Kal in his second year at the Magisterium, learns more about the magic of all the elements except of Chaos. Simultaneously, Tamara and Kal learn that Aaron is a Macar (Master of the element of Chaos). They also realize that Kal is a Macar as well which concerns his father. In that time a powerful weapon that can absorb the powers of a magician and kill Macars is stolen. Kal also discovers that his dad wants to kill him cause of the soul. The soul of the Enemy of Death. During their second year, they meet professor Josef, who wants Kal to rise up to the occasion and be Konstantain Meinten. He sends many monster that are actually people conquered by some elements, to kill Kal’s friends and bring him to professor Josef. In the end, the monsters get defeated and professor Josef shows Kal the body of Konstantain. His dad shows up in the tomb of Konstantin Meinten, wearing the Alkahest, the powerful weapon. He was planning to kill Kal to prevent the rise of Konstantin Meinten because Josef wanted to transfer the soul of Konstantin to his dead body. He wanted to revive Konstantin. After a fight for the Alkahest, Konstantin’s body is destroyed and the plan of Josef.

Third book:

Kal’s third year in the Magisterium is very interesting. The Council of Magicians has decided to honor the 2 Macars, Tamara and Alaster. This party is taking place at the Koligium, a school where the graduates of Magisterium go. The Council have decided to celebrate the defeat of the Enemy of Death and Professor Josef. Not only, they don’t know what is going to happen next. During the party, a girl is murdered and Kal fells for a trap which was supposed to murder him. So the Council realizes that there is a spy in the school who wants Kal dead. Later the three students find out that the spy is a student Dru, who is professor Josef son. They kill him in front of Josef but he accepts it because of his loyalty to Konstantin. Alex Strike, a boy in his fourth year of Magisterium cooperates with Josef and steals the Alkahest. Alex decides to be Konstantin Meinten and tries to steal Aaron power. He indeed does it and kills him in front of Kal. After that he leaves and the Council arrives there, where they see Aaron lying dead in the ground. At first sight, they blame and then prison Kal for Aaron’s death. While Kalum is in prison, Anastasia Tarquin, mother of Konstantin Meinten and his brother Tzerixo, promises to save him.

Fourth book:

Kal starts his fourth year in Magisterium’s prison, The Panoptikon. He is the most hated student at Magisterium. During Kal’s stay in prison, Aaron’s voice starts to talk in Kal’s head. Aaron isn’t dead. After a short amount of time, Anastasia breaks Kal out. Little does Kal know that he is about to find a heartbreaking truth. He finds out that Anastasia is working with his best friend’s murder, Alex Strike. During his time out of Magisterium, Kal desires to resurrect Aaron. He learns about Konstantin’s past and understands how to achieve what Konstantin was trying for years. He brought Aaron back to life but without his power to control the element of Chaos. He didn’t do the same mistake as Konstantin did. Tamara tries to find him and ends up discovering what happened. She was shocked when she saw Aaron alive. At the end, of the book Kal meets professor Josef and learns how to control the “Chaoforous”, creatures conquered or created from the element of Chaos.

Fifth book:

Alex strike wants to destroy the Magisterium and be the ruler of the world. In order to achieve this, he asks and then demands Kal to come to his side, because he feared the special abilities that Kal could have. He convinces him by telling him how badly Magisterium have treated him. Kal accepts and when a battle is about to happen all the professors and students, including Kal’s friends, get stunned when they see Kal standing aside Alex Strike. Tamara and Aaron are the ones that are most surprised. Kal orders the Chaoforous to attack the forces of Magisterium. All magicians including Tamara and Aaron try to fight, with no result. Kal starts to talk to himself. He starts to realize that he is becoming Konstantin Meinten. A person he doesn’t want to be. Suddenly, the Chaoforoi start to attack Alex’s and Josef’s forces. Alex realizes that Kal has betrayed him and starts to point the Alkahest at him and threatening him that he would kill him. Only then Kal starts to feel the power he has. He blasts Alex Strike with a massive amount of Chaos and traps him inside the element. That ensures Magisterium’s win. Kal becomes the most oved Macar on the Magisterium’s history. At the end of his last year, he and his friends Tamara and Aaron go through the Gate of truth and live a normal life.