The Hobbit: the battle of five armies

By Chara Chourpiliadi, Vicky Tsimpouki, Dimitra frysira and Eirhnh Papapaulou (A Class)


The hobbit: the battle of five armies is undeniably the best of three other installments directed by Peter Jackson with more wars, more creatures and even more breath-taking effects. The first: An unexpected journey, the second: desolation of the smaug. Despite the demand of spectators for stronger emotions and more plot twists, this final film is an epic fantasy adventure film.

Our film starts with Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and the dwarves, watching the destruction of Laketown by Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch). After the dragon’s death and mount Erebor occupation by Thorin the Oakenshield and his dwarf army, a conflict of interests arises between dwarves and elves for the mountain’s underground treasures. Orcs take advantage of the situation and advance against both armies. In the meantime Thorin presents a delusional behavior and gives Azog the Orc chief a strategic advantage by having his army stay idle behind the walls. With Bilbo’s crucial psychological intervention, Thorin tames his inner demons and leads his army into the battle, with a winning result for the currently allied dwarves and elves. The Orc’s assault brought in the surface the reappearance of evil forces into middle earth and predisposes the audience to the events happening in the Lord of the Ring’s trilogy.

In conclusion this movie is absolutely amazing. The plot is really interesting, the characters are fascinating and the actors really talented. However the highlight of the movie is the breathtaking special effects. As the movie comes both in 3D and 2D you can chose what suits you best but keep in mind that a movie that long, can be tiring for your eyes if you opt for the 3D. In addition, the quality of some theatres’ 3D is not that good. All in all you should definitely watch this movie , especially if you are a Middle Earth fan.