Protecting seas and coasts

By Aggeliki Chala (A Class)

   The latest years we’ve all heard and read about keeping the seas and coasts clean. We all know that if we throw rubbishes, in a few years that ordinary habit of ours that’s called swimming will not be feasible any more. You might think it’s a cliche topic but if we remind ourselves it might pay off. We might avert beaches from becoming a restricted area. So it’s our debt and responsibility to keep our seas and coasts clean.

Do you know how many years, months or weeks it takes for something to decompose in the sea?


-A bottle made of glass takes 1.000.000 years to decompose.

-The fishing line takes 600 years.

-A plastic bottle takes 450 years.

-An aluminum can takes 80-200 years.

-A rubber sole takes 50-80 years.

-A plastic cup takes 50 years.

-A can (tin) takes 50 years.

-Nylon fabric takes 30-40 years.

-A plastic bag takes 10-20 years.

-A cigarette filter takes 1-5 years.

-Woolen clothes take 1-5 years.

-Plywood takes 1-3 years.

-A carton of milk takes 3 months.

-An apple core takes 2 months.

-A newspaper takes 6 weeks.

-Orange peels takes 2-5 weeks.

-A napkin takes 2-4 weeks.

Which beach would you prefer?

                                                                                                                                        This one       …or…            this one…?