By Manenti Chrisanthi, Papanikolaou Maria, Rodopoulou Vasiliki and Sergiou Anna(A Class)

αρχείο λήψης

Water has a significant impact on our lives. People can’t live without it. But nowadays, even though humanity has made enormous progress in sciences and in other domains, nearly a billion people worldwide don’t have access in clean drinking water.


To start with, people in areas like Africa, South Asia and Latin America live without potable water. People are forced to walk for hours in order to find a lake or a river. But even then, the water they collect isn’t clean as it has been exposed to any kind of germs. The contaminated water might cause dehydration and sometimes death. Waterborne diseases and the lack of sanitary water is among the leading causes of death all over the world. Apart from that, water crisis leads to regional conflicts over scarce water resources.

But this problem is solvable. Water filtration, which is an innovated solution and hand-up wells can contribute to face effectively this situation. This would have a significant impact on other domains. That would improve people’s education as children would not have to walk in order to find water and would be able to attend school. Moreover, the money that is spent to face diseases related with water could be spent on education or to improve their quality of life.

Finally, let’s not forget that there’s a human right to water that entitles everyone to safe, physically accessible, sufficient and affordable water and none should be deprived of this right.



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