By Dimitris Pefanis (A Class)


Trapped in our selfish lifestyle, we have forgotten the tragedy that has been taking place for the past few days and still continues. The fire that broke out on the ship known as “Norman Atlantic” has affected a lot of innocent lives.

The tragedy began on the 28th of December 2014. Although the cause is still unclear, the fire broke out in the garage of the ship, when sailing near the Albanian shores. Its destination was Italy. It was undecided whether the ship would be tugged to the Albanian, the Greek or the Italian shores while 478 people on board were in peril. With the permission of the Greek Prime-Minister 5 helicopters and an airplane departed immediately to rescue the people on board. The Italian authorities also sent a tugboat. Right now the ship has reached the Italian port of Printizi.

The most important concern is above all the losses of human lives. 10 people have deceased and 38 were missing. From those who where rescued there are some testimonials that they where actually saved by miracle. Two more corpses have been found when it reached the port but they still cannot be dragged due to the bad weather. Let’s hope this tragedy will come to an end.

A lot of accusations for this fire is laid upon the captain of the ship “Artzilio Tzakomatsi” and its owner “Carlo Vizentini”. The most tragic of all is that more than ten people have lost their lives. Perhaps if the crew was more responsible, there would be no such tragedy.