Why do we have lips?

By Tsorbadgoglou Vasilis (A Class)


Human beings are unusual in that our mouths are surrounded by hypersensitive easily – hurt pink tissue.

The flap around on the front of your face get dried out during winter and sometimes get caught up between your teeth and mistaken for food. Seriously what good are lips! Birds get on just fine without them and turtles have them hardened. However, it seems that there is some kind of importance of their existence

Using our lips to suck is one of the very first skills we have after we’re born. In fact it’s crucial to our survival that it’s known as a private reflex (we are born knowing how to suck and no learning is necessary).  That’s true for nearly all mammals.
The lips are of course also important in the act of eating foods and in speech in linguistics, the lips are two of many spots in our mouth and throat that helps dockage of air moving out from the lungs.

To sum up, it turns out are quite important, so important, even that it seems worth the risk of having your bottom limp caught in between your chomper. Even though that can really hurt